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By Adam Paul


In what was an unusual start time due to a scheduling conflict with the girl’s game the Parker Cup tournament contest between the Tritons and the Sultans ended up starting at 8pm instead of 5:30pm. Nonetheless the later start time didn’t keep the fans from enjoying an entertaining contest.

Things right away in the first half didn’t go the way the Sultans had imagined as the Tritons made their own opportunities by bombarding the Sultans. Unfortunately one of those opportunities early on paid off as they were able to put one in the back of the net at about three minutes into the contest.

The rest of the first half would see a lot of action as the Sultans who got off to a slow start flipped the switch and turned things on but just couldn’t convert any of their opportunities that were presented to them.

Santana in the second half really turned up the heat as they attacked the Tritons but just couldn’t get the opportunity despite having various corner kick opportunities. It wouldn’t be until late in the contest that the Sultans would see their best opportunity appear as Preuss was called for a foul in the box. The foul in the box sent Santana to kick a penalty kick but the goal keeper made the save but the ball bounced and Santana had another shot but missed the net.

A couple more corner kick opportunities presented itself with under two minutes in the contest but unfortunately each time the Tritons escaped the pressure as Santana tried their best to punch it in.

On the night the Sultans took eight shots on goal with Lane Dukes and Omar Nuristani having a couple shots each.

“It was a rough start but we eventually found our groove in the second half but just couldn’t convert the opportunities in the second half.” Said Sultans player Ben Sampson.

“This game was a tough one and I thought we played better and our defense progressed as the game went on as. We were able to close the gaps and limit their opportunities.” Said Santana goal keeper Tim Caraveo who had 9 saves and was also making his varsity debut in goal. For his efforts he was named the Player of the Game.


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