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Westview Shoots Down #1 Knights


By James McHugh

Westview 73, Foothills Christian 71


EL CAJON (12-23-17) – Another odd ending came by way of the Foothills Christian Knights on Saturday night. With 2.7 seconds to play in the Knights’ eventual loss to Westview, the Wolverines set up for what would be an excellently planned double inbound pass. The Knights were caught off guard. Spectators were caught off guard by the ensuing play, as were, it would seem, the men in black and white.

Jackson Krogman of Westview received in initial inbound under the Knight’s basket, clearly appearing not to have fully exited the court before doing so. Giving the officials the benefit of the doubt, the play should have continued until Westview completed a successful inbound. However, time ran out and officials deemed the game over.

Only a few logical results could have come from the initial call on the court. Krogman either received the ball inbounds and then stepped out which would have been a turnover to Foothills Christian down two with 2.7 to play under their own hoop. In scenario two the ruling could have been that Krogman properly received the ball out-of-bounds, however, in this scenario the clock never should have started. Scenario three would have been that Krogman properly received the out-of-bounds pass and then inbounded it to another Wolverine. This is what happened (kind of) in real time, problem being that the player Krogman passed to was standing on the baseline with one foot in and one foot out of bounds. This again would have resulted in a turnover to Foothills.

The final result… option Z! Officials stated after the game that the player did not need to establish himself out of bounds before receiving the pass which clearly wouldn’t make much sense as the player would then be ruled an in-bound player who had received a pass and walked out of bounds (see first scenario above). When asked why the clock started once Krogman received the pass, if he was ruled to be properly out-of-bounds the response was “that’s a good point”.

Before the circus scenario that ended the night for the Knights, Foothills Christian watched as Westview landed 15-three-point attempts on the night, at one point connecting on 15 of 24 attempts (62.5%). The Wolverines finished above 50% from beyond the arc on the night, including five long rangers from junior Ricardo Hopping who finished with 21-points.

Kobe Gatti led all scorers with 27-points. Gatti also connected on 6-7 free throws down the stretch to hold off the Knights in an odd finish of a game they didn’t seem to be in until the last three to four minutes.

TAESHON CHERRY led Foothills Christian with 16-points and 10-rebounds, but the Knights saw just 10-boards in the first half as a team. Westview walked into halftime with 10-rebounds on the offensive glass alone.

YASSINE GHARRAM was a bright spot for Foothills Christian in the first half, pouring in 10 of his 13-points on the night. In what was perhaps the most astonishing stat of the night, Foothills Christian landed 15-three-pointers of their own and at a 43% clip (15-35). It would have been hard to find someone in attendance who would agree that the Knights made just as many long-balls as their opponents, but those were the breaks for Foothills.

Junior guard JAREN NAFARRETE had 12-points for Foothills Christian, including back-to-back buckets in the fourth which helped the Knights stay within striking distance. Perhaps the quietest scoring night for Foothills came from DORIAN BLUE who had 14-points on 4-9 shooting from beyond the arc and a pair of free-throws. Up next for the Knights is a Pre-Tournament showdown with Mater Dei Catholic at the Torrey Pines Holiday Classic on December 26. Foothills will be looking to bounce back and bounce back up the ranking board that is sure to be unkind after a loss to the unranked Wolverines. If the Knights can take some solace into the holidays it could come from what was perhaps their most unbalanced performance in two weeks still coming down to an odd 2.7 seconds in a game in which they tied a school record for successful three-point attempts. Not a bad “bad” night for most teams.


Foothills Christian Scoring: Cherry 16, 10 reb, 2 Ast, 2 Stl, 2 Blk – Blue 14, 1 Reb – Gharram 13, 6 Reb, 6 Ast, 1 Stl, 1 Blk – Nafarrete 12, 3 Reb, 1 Ast, 1 Stl – DJ Carter-Hollinger 10, 9 Reb, 1 Stl, 1 Blk – Derrien Carter-Hollinger 3, 1 Reb, 1 Blk – Dixon 3,

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